About Us

Off Duty Fences and Decks is a Memphis fence company with 17 years of experience in carpentry and building. We know the value of a dollar…and the value of good work, which is why we only use top choice Grade A lumber and why you’ll never see a bent nail on a fence we build. Our fences and decks are built to last, and while galvanized ring shank nails and 6” x 6” posts may not mean much to the layman, our attention to detail means you’ll have a fence that frames your landscaping and your lawn with architectural elements and sturdy dependability. Plain and simple, we stand behind what we build. The job is done right and for the right price. Our employees are professional, courteous and highly skilled, and the result of our work is a fence, deck, arbor or other outdoor home improvement project that lasts for years. Call for a free, accurate estimate.